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The Scotch Plains Fanwood cheerleading program has been a staple during our PAL football season for many years during the autumn season. The highly attractive program provides fun and valuable instruction to the cheerleaders from Grades 4 through 8. The PAL football teams and coaches greatly appreciate the enthusiasm and spirit that the cheerleaders present during each football game, both home and on the road for away games.

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The Fee for grades 4-8 is $220. We are accepting 30 registrants for each grade. Additional registrants will be put on a waiting list.

Registration for the 2024 Season is open!

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Cheerleading takes place in two seasons. The PAL has cheerleading teams for both football in the fall and 8th grade basketball in the winter.

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The Scotch Plains Fanwood PAL cheerleading program has been thrived  the leadership of co-directors Sue Judge and Mary Kay Cunningham, roles that these two devoted women have taken on for their many years associated with PAL cheerleading.

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Sue Judge

Cheerleading Director