SPF PAL contact football is for Scotch Plains and Fanwood players in grades 3-8. The 3rd grade contact team plays locally while the rest travel. Register your child for the grade he is entering in September. Note the maximum ages below for each grade as of September 1: 
Grade 3: Maximum age 9.5 years old  
Grade 4: Maximum age 10.5 years old 
Grade 5: Maximum age 11.5 years old 
Grade 6: Maximum age 12.5 years old 
Grade 7: Maximum age 13.5 years old 
Grade 8: Maximum age 14.5 years old 


Schedule for 2021

Registration will open 4/15/21 and will close 6/15/21.

Equipment distributiuon will run 6/15/21 to 6/25/21

Practice starts 8/9/21

Season Kicks off 9/12/21



As Always, player safety remains our biggest area of focus.  All of the coaches have been recertified through the USA Football Heads Up program, we have learned new and improved techniques for maximum skill development and keeping their heads out of the game as much as possible.  We’re all available to talk to if you have a question or concern. Although safety is our highest priority, injuries a part of any sport. We promise to be attentive to practice and game situations and if we feel a player in showing signs of injuries, we will not think twice about removing him from play and have him evaluated.

What do you need for the season?

    1. Practice jersey, color doesn’t matter
    2. White football pants that have hip pads, tail pads, thigh pads and knee pads
    3. Mouthpiece (maybe more than one, they seem to go missing quite frequently)
    4. Hard chin strap
    5. Rubber molded cleats, we can’t wear replaceable or metal cleats
    6. Optional equipment: shirts that have built in rib pads and back pads
    7. Players will receive a helmet, shoulder pads and game jersey from the league (Players must be present for equipment fittings)
    8. Things we can’t wear include, bandannas or anything that alters the fit of the helmet, tight fitting skull caps are ok

SPF PAL flag football is for Scotch Plains and Fanwood players in grades K-8. Games are played every Sunday at the SPF High School lower grass fields and on the varsity football turf field when the PAL contact football teams are playing away games. Game times are and 12:15pm and 1:30pm. The season starts Sept. 11 and runs eight weeks to Oct. 30. Practice is usually held 30 minutes before each game so no worries about weekday/weeknight practices.  All families will be alerted soon on what teams their children are on. We appreciate your patience and welcome newcomers! 

For additional questions, send an email to PAL Vice President Bruce Moran:


Football is a team sport and we will need team involvement from our football family throughout the season. We will need all families to volunteer at least once during the season, we typically have four home games on the schedule and will need three volunteers per game for the chains and one for the announcing and scoreboard. We will also be assigned one day where we will have to cover the hut, this will never be during our game times so that you can see your son play